We design evidence-based materials to help healthcare providers provide training sessions on our contraceptive product array and expand access to high-quality contraception care.


Levoplant™ is a WHO Prequalifed subdermal contraceptive implant effective for up to 3 years. It is a cost-effective and high quality method of contraception.

Levoplant™ training manuals are designed to complement the Levoplant™ Training session and provide essential information on counseling for contraception, insertion, and removal of Levoplant™. This three-module package has been written with a view to training health care workers to provide Levoplant™ as part of a rights-based long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) service. It should be delivered by a healthcare professional who is trained and assessed as competent to insert and remove 2 rod implants.


What are Levoplant™ implants?
How to insert Levoplant™
How to remove Levoplant™
Introduction aux implants contraceptifs Levoplant™
Comment insérer les implants Levoplant™ ?
Comment retirer les implants Levoplant™
Apresentação do Levoplant™
Como inserir o Levoplant™
Como remover o Levoplant™
Presentación de Levoplant™
Cómo introducir Levoplant™
Cómo extraer Levoplant™
Знакомство с Levoplant™
Как вводить Levoplant™
Как удалить Levoplant™

Emergency Contraception

POSTPIL is a ONE-DOSE emergency contraceptive pill that gives women a last chance to prevent pregnancy. Postpil offers women an affordable, simple and safe solution if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Postpil training slide deck is designed to facilitate Postpil training sessions and provide essential information on counseling for contraception and use of Postpil.

Injectable Contraception

Injecta-Fem/Medogen is a World Health Organization (WHO) Prequalified intramuscular contraceptive injection effective for 3 months. Injecta-Fem/Medogen is an easy, discreet, and effective contraceptive solution suitable for most women.

Projestin only injectables contraception tools are designed to facilitate training sessions and provide essential information on counseling for Injectafem and Medogen.