About us

DKT WomanCare Global is a leading supplier of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) products globally, currently marketing and distributing contraceptive Implants, Manual Vacuum Aspiration Kits, contraceptive injections, emergency contraceptive pills, intra-uterine devices, and medical abortion pills across 90 countries globally. In 2017, DKT International acquired the rights to the Ipas Manual Vacuum Aspiration technology, an ISO 13485 certified medical device used for uterine evacuation that is distributed globally across more than 100 countries, including markets as diverse as Brazil, the USA, Japan, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, and the UK.

DKT WomanCare Global is increasing the availability, accessibility and affordability of sexual and reproductive health products for women all around the world.

Established in 2018, DKT WomanCare Global (DKT WomanCare) serves the public and private sector and is a wholly owned subsidiary of DKT International that works closely with leading manufacturers to expand access, availability, and affordability of family planning and safe abortion products. Furthermore, to advance DKT’s global mission of providing couples with affordable and safe options for family planning, safe abortion, and HIV/AIDS prevention.


Be recognized as the leader in increasing access to safe and innovative sexual and reproductive health technologies for women across the globe.


Create a customer-centric platform that expands access to existing and new sexual and reproductive health (SRH) technologies through synergies within DKT International programs worldwide, and other partners across all markets and segments.


Treat people the right way
Results oriented
Deep trust

A company of DKT International

DKT International is an international non-profit and social enterprise, considered to be one of the largest providers of contraception and safe abortion products and services in the world. The organization has made a significant impact in the sexual and reproductive health field for the past 35 years and operates In more than 90 countries.  DKT, in conjunction with its affiliates, Is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and quality of reproductive health services worldwide. 

As an integral subsidiary of DKT International, DKT WomanCare upholds and furthers this mission. DKT WomanCare leverages DKT International’s extensive network and expertise with a focus on expanding access to reproductive health services for women across the globe. The work of DKT WomanCare allows DKT International to greatly expand its influence and enhance its effectiveness in the area of women’s health.

The collaboration between DKT WomanCare and DKT International is founded on a shared commitment to empowering women and healthcare providers. This partnership is focused on delivering essential services, including safe abortion and contraceptive products while recognizing and addressing the diverse and complex health needs of women. Together, this collaboration overcomes geographical and socioeconomic barriers, ensuring effective, global healthcare delivery.